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Privacy Policy

NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca is operated by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc., a subsidiary of CNA Holdings Inc., wholly owned by the Canadian Nurses Association.

Your access to and continued use of NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca constitutes your acceptance of, and is conditional upon your continued acceptance of the following provisions. If you have not already done so, please take some time to familiarize yourself with these terms and conditions and check back periodically as these terms and conditions may change from time to time and your continued use will mean you accept those changes.

Last Revised: June, 2006

Copyright © 2006 NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc., 50 Driveway, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1E2, Canada; all rights reserved. All information, documents and graphic representations on NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca (the Information”) is copyrighted by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. unless otherwise indicated. As a visitor to this site, you are granted a limited license to use, reproduce, display or print the Information in whole or in part without further permission from NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. provided:

  • you exercise due diligence in ensuring the accuracy of the Information used
  • NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca is identified as the source
  • the Information used is not represented as the official version of materials nor as having been made in affiliation with or with the endorsement of NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc.
  • the Information used is for personal, non-commercial use only
  • the Information used is not modified
  • all copyright or other proprietary notices in or on the Information used are retained.

Any other use of the Information is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. None of the Information on the site may be otherwise used, reproduced, re-published, re-disseminated, displayed or otherwise published in any manner or form without the prior written consent of NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. or third party content providers. Reproduction of multiple copies of the Information, in whole or in part, for the purposes of redistribution is prohibited except with the prior written consent of NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc.

Some of the Information on this site is subject to copyright held by organizations other than NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. This is particularly true of Information on sites that are jointly operated by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. as part of a collaborative arrangement with one or more other organizations. In such cases, the above terms of the limited license may not apply, some restrictions on the reproduction of Information may apply and it will be necessary, with the assistance of NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc., to seek the consent of the holder of the copyright on such Information. If this site indicates that:

(a) Information is subject to copyright by an organization other than NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc.; or
(b) Information is on a site operated jointly by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. and another organization and does not expressly indicate the above limited license applies to such Information,

you must obtain the prior written consent of NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. and any other appropriate organization to use such Information.

To apply for consent to use the Information beyond the above terms of the limited license or to apply for consent to use Information subject to copyright by an organization other than NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. contact: NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc., 50 Driveway, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1E2, Canada (copyright@nurseone.ca).

NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca is intended for use by Canadian health care professionals and not by consumers or the general public. It contains a secure environment for authorized subscribers as well as a more public environment. Information was produced or compiled by or is utilized by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca for the purpose of providing health care professionals with direct access to information and services about nursing. NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca provides reference material and is designed to provide clinical information for research, education and other health-related purposes. It is not designed or intended to constitute and does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. Due to unique individual needs and medical history, you should consult your own medical care providers to determine the appropriateness of the Information for your specific situation and to assist you in making any decisions regarding diagnosis, treatment or medication.

The Information is believed to be reliable when posted on NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca. It is not, however, guaranteed as to quality, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, appropriateness or suitability by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. and the use of the Information is at your own risk. NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. expressly disclaims all warranties regarding use of the Information and assumes no obligation to up-date the Information or report on further developments concerning the Information. The Information is supplied without any liability or obligation for typographical or other errors by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. The Information may be changed from time to time without notice. The Information may have been contributed by other persons and should not be assumed to be endorsed by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. You assume full responsibility for the use of the Information and NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. and the contributors of any Information are not responsible for any damages, claims, liabilities, costs or obligations whatsoever arising out of your use or misuse of the Information or this site or your reliance on the Information, whether in contract, negligence, equity, pursuant to statute law or otherwise.

Reference or mention of specific products, processes or services does not constitute or imply a recommendation or endorsement by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. Any links to other sites provided by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca are provided as a reference to other internet resources that may be of interest. Such other sites are independent of NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca and NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or appropriateness of the information contained in other sites nor does it endorse the viewpoints expressed in such other sites. Your use of any third party site is subject to the terms of use of such site. You should be aware that other sites are not subject to the same privacy or language policies as this site.

This is a Canadian site and its content is intended for Canadian residents only. The laws of Ontario shall govern these Terms of Use / Legal Notices / Disclaimers and any dispute or claim based on your use of the Information or the site and you agree that any action or proceeding related to these Terms of Use / Legal Notices / Disclaimers shall be brought in the courts of Ontario to which jurisdiction you attorn.

NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca strives to improve the access, design and functionality of this site so that you are able to find the information you are seeking easily and quickly. In order to do this, NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca needs to determine what Information visitors access most frequently and NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca may do this by tracking statistics such as IP address, browser type, domain name, access times and referring web site addresses. These statistics are used to improve this site and ensure that it provides an optimal experience for visitors. When you come to this site it may check to determine which browser you are using so that you are provided with the proper style sheet for that browser so that you may best view NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca. NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca does not link server log information to any other data in a way that would enable identification of individual visitors to this site.

NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca and NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca Inc. adhere to the privacy of information policy of the Canadian Nurses Association, with appropriate modifications in references. The Canadian Nurses Association privacy policy can be accessed at http://www.cna-aiic.ca/en/protection-of-personal-information/.

NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca shall strive to publish the Information in both of Canada’s official languages. If Information is only available and, therefore, published by NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca in one of Canada’s official languages, NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca shall provide a summary of the Information in the other official language of Canada.

If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use / Legal Notices / Disclaimers then please leave NurseONE.ca/INF-Fusion.ca immediately.