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Create a Poster

Poster Templates

Use these Microsoft Word files to create your own CNA certification poster. Add your own images, advertise certification details or study group information, and more! There are two sizes available – tabloid [DOCX, 3.5 MB] and legal [DOCX, 3.5 MB]

What can I do to the poster?

You can delete, replace, resize and move the background photo, list of specialties and date information. We would prefer that you leave the top banner and the bottom website banner as they are.

You can add your own new text and images. Below are some guidelines as to how to insert and use text boxes, using Microsoft Word 2007. If you are using another version of the program, the steps will be very similar, or use the Help files to guide you.

How do I delete, move or add a text information box?

To delete a text information box, click on the edge of the text box (or anywhere on the box if there is only an image inside) and press the Delete key.

To move the text information box, click on the edge of the text box and move it as you need to.

Certification Poster English

To add a text information box, you must insert a new text box. Go to the Insert menu, select either “Text Box” or “Draw Text Box”, and click and drag anywhere on the poster. Enter your text in the text box.

Adding Text

To resize the text box, click on a corner of the box and resize as you need to.

Resize text box

How do I add or resize an image?

To add an image, go to the Insert menu, select Picture, select From File, then select and insert the image.

Add an image

To resize an image, click the image you want to resize and place your cursor in a corner. Hold down the Shift key and click and drag to the desired size. Or, click the image you want to resize. Go to the Format menu, and adjust the size as you need to.

You can resize and crop images. Look at the sample posters to see how images can be used.

Resize an image

What should I put on my poster?

Whatever you want! You can add information text boxes about an upcoming event, such as a study group or a meeting. You can also delete the existing photo and add your own images. That is, you can insert a large image or a group of images and align them as you’d like. Here are some examples.

Poster sample
Poster sample

Can I change the colours of the top banner?

No, please do not change these colours. We want to keep them the same to create consistency among all the posters that are created.

How can I send my poster to CNA for posting on the certification website?

Once your poster is final, create a PDF file and e-mail it to us. To create a PDF file, go to the File menu, select Print, then select “Adobe PDF.” Note: If you are using Word 2007 or older, your computer must have Acrobat Writer installed to create a PDF file. Word 2010 has a built-in PDF-generating function.

If you can’t create a PDF file, then either take a screenshot, or mail us the Word file on a CD or send it via our FTP site. Contact CNA certification for details.