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Inactive Status

Inactive status gives you a way to suspend CNA certification renewal requirements for an additional three years.

If you’re an RN and are unable to renew your credential for personal or professional reasons, you can request inactive status by submitting an online application before your five-year certification term ends. The (non-refundable) fee to apply for inactive status is $175 + additional taxes.

Conditions of inactive status
Inactive status:

  • is available for one three-year term only
  • becomes active the day after your certification term ends
  • means relinquishing the use of your credential until your certification is reactivated

APPLY NOW via our NurseONE.ca portal

  • If you have a NurseONE.ca account, log in
  • If you do not have a NurseONE.ca account, create one

Reactivating your credential
You can reinstate your certification status at any time during the three-year term by meeting the renewal eligibility requirements in effect. (You must meet any requirements that change during your inactive period.)*

To reactivate, submit an online certification renewal application along with the required fees.

Note: When you apply for reinstatement, the renewal eligibility requirements in your application must be from the five-year period before your reactivation date.

*To prevent the lapse of your certification credential, be sure to reactivate before the end of the three-year inactive term. If extenuating circumstances are affecting your reactivation, please contact the CNA Certification Program office before your inactive period ends. Should your credential lapse, you’ll have to rewrite the exam and meet all the eligibility criteria in effect at that time.